52 Weeks of Color Challenge: 15 Favorites

9:23 Ygrey Auer 7 Comments

No ha sido fácil elegir mis 15 favoritos, pero ahí están.

1- Cream 2-Mulberry 3-Moss Green 4-Brick Red 5-Chartreuse
6-Jazberry 7-Apricot 8-Melon 9- Lemon 10- Electric Blue
11-Emerald 12-Silver 13-Green 14-Cerise 15- Yellow

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7 comentarios:

  1. Such a pretty collection, I cant wait to see you back in for part deux!!! *hugs*

  2. Recuerdo muchas de sus fotografías. Creo que eso significa que eran muy originales y creativos. Un besito!

  3. Gorgeous collection! I love your apricot and your yellow the best. Can't wait to see you in January!

  4. so much nice fantasy in all of them ..i am impressed bye bye Nic

  5. Love your unique style and look forward to see more of it in Round 2 ;-)

  6. What a great collage! The chartreuse is so fun :)