52 Weeks of Color Challenge II: Feldgrau

El color de esta semana es un gris militar, Feldgrau.

I'm trying to forget historical connotations of this color. This week feldgrau is a lovely vacations color :)

skin: Belleza
hair: Exile
eyes: poetic colors
eyelashes: Maitreya and Oh
nails: Mandala

top: BeReckless (Acid Lily)
trousers: Boom
bracelets: Mandala
necklace: [b.nuts]
earrings: [MAGIC NOOK]

4 comentarios:

  1. Yes better not think about the historical connotation! totally agree. love your pictures and that top is gorgeous.

  2. yes, we must reclaim the innocent color from its bad , bad past history. You did a nice job with the splashes of color

  3. That looks so gorgeous and exotic! Well done!

  4. Good idea to make it a vacations color! Lovely outfit :)