52 Weeks of Color Challenge II: Charcoal

El color de esta semana es un gris: Charcoal

She was murdered. Maybe a Nosferatu, maybe a simple vampire. Who knows?

Every night, she returns from death

And visits her grave...

Waiting for a sign until the sunrise
skin:Mother Goose's
eyes: IKON
hair: Truth
tatoos: eyes:Corvus
Body: Yayo
top: Corvus
short: Ducknipple
boots: Glam Affair

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BAY%20OF%20BALFALAS/153/72/2201

4 comentarios:

  1. awwww ... such a sad story ... and no happy ending?
    Love the pics tho ;-)

  2. all so sad .. but the pictures are beautiful ))) love the third picture because of the light

  3. Love the pics Ygrey, I agree with the others that it's sad but that first picture is brilliant!!!

  4. Aww poor dead girl, my Shinigami will come to take her into the light! Love that Nosferatu shadow in the first pic!