52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Moss Green

El color de esta semana es musgo. Para mí es un color oscuro, aunque la muestra de Luna era más claro.
Darker than Luna's swatch.

Moss Green:
Skin: Curio
Eyelashes:Mynerva, [Oh] y (AMD)
Blush: (AMD)
hair: Analog Dog
Nails: je suis naive

skirt: [BUKKA]
belt: [BUKKA]
boots: Miel
earring: OPIUM
necklaces: DCCXXIII and RYCA
sunglasses: Miel
sweater: sf
ring: Zaara

7 comentarios:

  1. Wow so pretty I love the moss green against the autumn leaves... so striking!

  2. a beautiful shade of green and a wonderfull fall colour mix ;-)

  3. you took the same sort of moss green like i did... the sphere is as if autumn is a feast.. beautiful, bye bye Nic

  4. Muy bonita. I love everything about this look, head to toe, great sweater, super skirt and those boots are to die for.

  5. Pretty sweater, and cute little skirt. I love the warm colors of your picture:)

  6. Me encanta el contraste de colores que usaste esta semana--felicidades!

  7. aw me gustan las dos, pero mas la primera en estil 1950! :)