52 Weeks of Color Challenge II: Tea Green

El color de esta semana es el té verde (tea green).

I'm so tired... I need something...
... a warm tea? 
... green tea?

In fact, I hate tea...
Dear Spring, please: COME BACK!

Blush: AMD
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc
eyes: IKON
Eyelashes: [OH], Mynerva and Redgrave
freckles: Glamorize
eyeshadows: ABS
skin: Illusory
lips: DeeTaleZ
hair: D!va

jewelry: Elemental Earth Design (Thanks Eliza)
sweater: Ricielli
tunic: DCNY
trousers: Celoe
flats: [e]


Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/itutu/136/145/34/


5é Weeks of Color Challenge II: St. Patrick’s Blue

El color de esta semana es un azul oscuro, el St. Patrick's Blue

Skin: Pink Fuel
Eyes: Poetic Volors
Eyeliner: Cheap MakeUp
Blush: AMD
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc
hair: Dura

dress: Baiastice
shoes: [Glow] Studio
tights: Blowpop
earrings: Beauty Code
Bracelets: Beauty Code

violin: bang
poses: bang

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cape%20Poge/160/205/22


52 Weeks of Color Challenge II: Aquamarine

El color de esta semana es aguamarina.
This color makes me think of  a beautiful poem by Derek Walcott:
I remember the cities I have never seen/exactly. Silver-veined Venice, Leningrad/ with its toffee-twisted minarets. Paris

Aquamarine in Venice

 Creo que no es necesario explicar por qué Curio es mi marca de skins preferida.

skin: Curio
eyes: IKON
eyeliner: elymode
Eyelashes: [OH], Mynerva
Blush: (AMD)
hair:Holic x RolyPoly Ritrovo
nails: Rezlpsa Loc

shirt: [K]
sweater: *+*JILL*+*
skirt: Has Been
shoes: [Eat Paste]
earrings:M's Avon
necklace: [Fairy Tail]
ring: [Fairy Tail]
bag: Turistas do SL
Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Prada/136/61/22

poses: bang and GF


52 Weeks of Color Challenge II: Avocado

El color de esta semana es el aguacate..

Do you want some chocolates? Don't worry, avocado is what I'm wearing, not the flavour.

But you can try a chocolate-avocado milshake recipe. Good luck!

Skin: Mynerva
Eyeliner: elymode
Eyelashes: [OH], Mynerva
Blush: (AMD)
lips: DeeTaleZ
hair: A&A
nails: Izzie

coat: Clematis
boots: Miel
tanktop and leggings: JANE
skirt: [BUKKA]
belt: Maitreya
necklace: Milady's Jewelry
Earrings: HOC Apparel
ring: JCNY

Poses: Ks2cool, Dutchie Valentines
Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20New%20Yorker/80/89/22