52 Weeks of Color Challenge II: Rust

7:33 Ygrey Auer 6 Comments

El color de esta semana es rust: color herrumbre. .
This week Ygrey is a warrior. She's trying so hard to find peace but she can't forgive.

Skin: League
hair: Truth
eyelashes: Miamai
nails: Purple Moon

bracelet: Aso! and (Yummy)
necklace: DCCXXIII
ring: [glow]
tshirt::EM:: and JANE
boots: Reek
pants: house RFyre
sunglasses: [ e l y s i o n o p t i c ]
Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chouchou/180/163/21

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6 comentarios:

  1. oooh Ygrey..super!!!!! love your pictures! didn't know there is a new chouchou. i will run to it to walk around. Such a gorgeous location.

  2. Wow such a striking set of pictures you look awesome and I love that first photo its sad but thoughtful! Gorgeous Ygrey

  3. Love your pictures this week. Very strong and also beautiful.

  4. Rudh said it exactly about your first photo, and you look so badass in the last. I always love your locations; they set the mood perfectly.

  5. aw Ygrey such beautiful pictures and lighting, and a great location!

  6. How beautiful, I love the sense of space you always create in your photos!