52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Apricot

El color de esta semana es albaricoque. Realmente difícil distinguir entre el melón, albaricoque y melocotón. Con este desafío a veces me siento daltónica. Y frutícola...

 Looking for apricot...

Apricot, Melon or Peach? Carrots!

El albaricoque es un color para tardes de verano.
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Skin: Curio
Eyelashes: Mynerva and [Oh]
Blush: BOOM
freckles: Glamorize
Lips: DeeTaleZ
nails: Mandala

jeans: Zaara
Espadrilles: [Gos]
necklace: *December*
Earrings and bracelet: Avon
ring: Yummy
belt: [BUKKA]

10 comentarios:

  1. so cute all your locations...and i love your apricot findings..greetings Nicandra

  2. That picnic looks like fun, love your outfit!

  3. Great series of photos. You look adorable, I love the Alice in Wonderland feel of these.

  4. Very nice location! I wish all bloggers would add locations in their credits (and add slurls). I really like your look! Very casual, I'd wear that in RL :)

  5. Me encanta el sitio y todos los acesorios que mostraste, super bien hecho!

  6. Thanks ladies, you can find the slurls on every travel post. http://ygreyauer.blogspot.com/2011/07/green-gables.html for this location.
    Gracias Eliza, el lugar es precioso.

  7. Cute pictures! I think you covered pretty much all the orangey tones! I think were finished with them as well, after seeing next weeks challenge. xoxo

  8. What a lovely blog, I love seeing new places.

  9. Laila, I'm waiting for the end of purple tones too!
    Thanks Yume! Welcome!

  10. Love these pictures, my favorite is the one with the rocking horses, although the first one's composition -- how the flowers are in the front and you and the boat far in the background -- give it such a 'live' photo feel. Awesome job!