Adelina Shape

I start a new collection of shapes. My first is Adelina, a very sweet face. I'm wearing Adelina with Lilith Glam Affair Skin.
Please, try a demo before buying.
Taxi to Guapa! store
More shapes will be added in the future.

Skin; Glam Affair
Eyes: Ikon
Hair: Truth
dress: Vinyl Cafe group gift
Lingerie: 1 Hundred
flats: DEW

2 comentarios:

  1. I saw this shape on my sister's blog (Rudhmellowen Laguna) who was trying it with her Ploom skin. It is really a very lovely shape, beautifully proportioned, the only problem I would have with it is knowing other women were walking around with this same shape! Which is why I make my own. But that is an awesome job, I would wear that if it was unique :)

    1. Hi Fledge. I agree, that's why I've always modified my shapes and after a while I started to create them.